For construction clients and construction contractors we offer the activity of OHaS Coordinator pursuant to Act No 309 /2006 Coll., via a professionally competent person (certification of Ecological Consulting a.s.).

We offer:

  • • acting in the phase of construction preparation, consultancy during project work on constructions – proposals for technical and organisational measures for the more effective ensuring of OHaS during implementation of construction, safe use of construction, performance of maintenance work etc.
  • • creation of mandatory OHaS and fire safety documentation for devices of construction site and construction in the phase of preparation, implementation and for further use
  • • processing of OHaS plan, its ongoing updating and management
  • • informing and acquainting firms with the current OHaS plan, safety and health risks, including measures to minimise them
  • • performing checks on the building site, monitoring safe course of work
  • • checking the securing of the building site boundary, including pedestrian and vehicular access, to prevent the entry of unauthorised persons
  • • performing checks on firms and other persons working on the construction site
  • • coordination of firms in connection with their activities on the construction and proposals for coordination measures during work performed concurrently
  • • keeping of records concerning the ascertaining of faults and shortcomings, managing database of entries, including photographic records
  • • proposing remedial measures to eliminate ascertained faults and shortcomings, including making of records about arranged remedies and adopted measures
  • • acquainting and informing responsible workers about faults in OHaS on construction sites and comments which were not eliminated on time and which require the arrangement of redress
  • • proposals for preventative measures for ensuring OHaS and minimising risk factors
  • • advisory activity and consultations to ensure OHaS
  • • participation at discussions of the management, coordination discussions of the construction and inspection days of client, including managing and organising inspection days to ensure OHaS on the construction site
  • • cooperation during investigation of occupational accidents and extraordinary events on the construction site
  • • presence during negotiations with bodies of state professional supervision of OHaS and fire safety
  • • exercise of all other activities of coordinator on the construction site according to valid regulations
  • • cooperation and helpfulness during other specific requirements of customer above and beyond the scope of current legislation

You are obliged to appoint an OHaS coordinator if the employees of more than one contractor will operate on the site at the same time and the overall assumed duration of work and activities is longer than 30 working days in which work and activities will be performed, and more than 20 natural persons will work on them at the same time for a period longer than 1 working day, or the overall planned volume of work and activities during implementation of the work exceeds 500 working day converted for one natural person.

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OHaS contact
Professional head: Ing. Marek Škubla
Telephone: +420 972 625 818
E-mail: mskubla@sudop-brno.cz