Engineering activity

Engineering activity in construction is a set of activities which we perform on behalf of the investor with the aim of preparation and implementation of linear transport constructions in particular. Our project heads are authorised engineers with practical experience in administrative proceedings, in particular for already implemented constructions. For our customers we generally ensure a complete service in the context of an order, including the securing of all expressions, administrative decisions and discussions with interested owners of lands.

We offer you:

  • the processing of studies and input data for preparation
  • complete environmental impact assessment of the structures, including preparation of Documentation about impacts and Notification of construction impacts pursuant to Act No 100 /2001 Coll., as amended
  • Arranging removal of lands from agricultural and forestry land funds
  • Dealing with planning decision
  • Arranging construction permit, including constructions of and on the railway
  • Water management proceedings, special use of roads
  • Authorial supervision
  • Technical supervision of investor
  • Supervision of performed work
  • Economic evaluation of construction
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Engineering activity contact
Professional head: Ing. Kamil Chmela
Telephone: +420 972 625 864