The professional group prepares general plans, regulations plans, studies, documentation for zoning procedures, projects for building proceedings and projects for the implementation of buried services of water, gas, drainage, central distribution systems of heat and industrial, civic and residential constructions in professional hygiene-technical installations, distribution systems for heating gases, central heating and air-conditioning.

The main activity of the group is work for České dráhy in cooperation with other professional groups. This involves in particular constructions for modernising the optimisation of the 1st and 2nd railway corridor.

The scope of activities for the modernisation of corridor structures consists primarily of a solution of distribution systems of engineering networks in a scope (water, gas, drains, heat distribution) which come into contact with equipment owned by the railway, i.e., solutions for the relocation of these networks, protection and reconstruction of networks which cross České dráhy tracks.

Project work is also carried out on buried services and internal installations (hygiene-technical installations, gas installations and central heating distribution systems). The group deals with the matter of the drainage of rainwater from new platforms and paved surfaces.

Orders for non-rail investors also constitute part of the work. These are constructions ensuring the collection, transport and drainage of water for the purposes of inhabitants, industry and agriculture, structures and equipment ensuring the collection, transport and drainage of waste water and precipitation from the territory. Also the construction of pipelines and installation of gas infrastructure in industrial complexes.

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Buried services contact
Professional head: Ing. Bohdan Plch
Telephone: +420 972 625 041
E-mail: vpt@sudop-brno.cz