The professional group is involved in project work on railway track structure and bed, platforms, level crossings, paved surfaces, tram track structure, access communications and roads.

Railway track structure

The project for the reconstruction of railway track structure is the basic framework for project work in other professions on each construction. The draft of the concept is based on the requirements of the client (increase in speed, extension of track lengths, improvement in technical state). The laying out of the railway track structure diagram on corridor lines must also allow the operation of trains with tilting equipment of the vehicle body at a speed up to 30% higher than conventional trains. In recent years on these lines we have done the project work on laying out the diagram for a total of 260km of track structure, most of which has already been implemented. Apart from the railway corridors and other reconstructions in the ČD network, the reconstruction and design of new sidings represent a significant item.

Tram track structure

During reconstructions of the tram network in the city of Brno we implement projects for the reconstruction of existing tracks and the alterations caused by the construction of bypass roads.

Level crossings

The design of level crossings is one of those parts of the project which the public and bodies involved in building proceedings pay close attention to. We ensure the technical design in compliance with the valid technical standard and sample sheets, at the same time using various types of materials for the crossing construction depending on the communication burden and requirements of the investor.
During reconstructions of level crossings we also design the alterations to associated parts of communications, including crossroads.

Railway bed

A railway bed project is intended to increase the load bearing capacity of the layers below the railway track structure. We design the reconstruction of sleeper ballast (replacement of existing soil with stone or chemical ballast) and track drainage. We design the terrain alterations associate with this work and the shape of the new body during new constructions using the computer program MOSS (Modelling of string surfaces) , which allows the computer modelling of existing and proposed terrain, including generation of cross-sections and longitudinal sections and the calculation of cubic metres.


Increasing passenger safety is a significant element during the reconstruction of railway stations. When designing new platform constructions with a raised edge to make it easier to get on and off trains, in compliance with the law we design such constructions as allow access for persons with reduced mobility and sensory abilities. We have prepared sample sheets valid in the entire ČD network since 2000 for platform constructions.
One part of the design is also an information system – pictograms according to the new technical standard corresponding to EU standards.

Paved surfaces

The designers of the professional group have great experience in the design of paved areas, including drainage, and this is not only in connection with the investment events of ČD but also on the constructions of other investors (car parks, loading yards, petrol stations, pavements).

Access roads. roads

The design of roads is an important element of our project work. The implemented projects have generally been associated with alteration or construction caused by the creation of new grade-separated crossings with a track or reconstruction of existing road surfaces after the end of construction.

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Railways and roads contact
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