SUDOP BRNO – professional group Environment performs and ensures

DokumentaceIn the area of environmental protection:

  • complete environmental impact assessment of the structures, including preparation of Notification and Documentation of EIA about impacts of construction on the environment pursuant to Act No 100 /2001 Coll., as amended
  • proposals for measures to reduce negative environmental impacts caused by construction and proposals for compensation measures in compliance with bodies of state administration
  • flood and accident plans for construction

in the area of nature and landscape protection:

  • dendrology survey, appraisal of vegetation
  • projects for replanting and recultivation, preparation of source materials for tree feeling requests
  • documentation of evaluation of results of proposed location of structures on agricultural land fund, discussion of request for agreement to the removal of agricultural land from the agricultural land fund and calculation of charge for removal of land.
  • Dokumentacedocumentation essential for discussion of request for consent to removal of land intended to perform the function of a forest, comprehensive calculation of compensation for losses to forest stands and calculation of charge for removal of land intended to perform the function of a forest
  • plan of common facilities in context of project for land alterations
  • preparation of necessary expert opinions, surveys (zoological and botanical survey, assessment of impact of intentions on the system NATURA 2000, dispersion studies, impacts on inhabitant's health, impacts on archaeological and cultural monuments, landscape character)

in the area of acoustics:

  • noise studies: calculations and evaluations of noise burden from road and rail transport, noise from operational premises, proposals for anti-noise measures
  • measuring of noise and vibrations

Dokumentacein the area of refuse handling:

  • drafts for handling yields and refuse from construction of objects and building of line constructions
  • plans for refuse management

The specified activities are performed by persons authorised to assess the impacts of the constructions on the environment pursuant to Act 100/2001 Coll., as amended, and with engineering authorisation pursuant to act 360/1992 Coll., as amended.

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Environment contact
Professional head: Mgr. Gabriela Růžičková
Telephone: +420 972 62 5422
E-mail: gruzickova@sudop-brno.cz