The professional group deals with design work on new constructions and the reconstruction of buildings for the location of safety, communication or strong-current equipment for railway operation, also project work on constructions serving for the protection of passengers against the elements and design of measures to reduce noise from rail traffic.

We ensure project work from the study right up to implementation documentation.

In the context of the modernisation and optimisation of tracks our workers have designed many structures – these are the constructions we have designed:

New constructions and reconstructions of buildings for location of technology

This group includes buildings of station safety equipment, relay housings, reconstructions of transport offices, reconstructions of substations, switching stations, transformer stations and telephone exchanges.

Constructions serving for the protection of passengers from the elements

This group includes the roofing of platforms, shelters for passengers, roofing of exit constructions from underpasses below tracks.

Noise prevention measures

Noise reduction walls along the tracks are designed, as are individual noise prevention measures directly on threatened residential constructions.

Orders not directly associated with the modernisation of corridors are also processed for České dráhy.

Orders for non-rail investors have also become the subject of work of the building construction designers.

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Building constructions contact
Professional head: Ing. arch. Robert Rosecký
Telephone: +420 972 625 505