The professional group ensures project documentation in the areas of long-distance and local cabling, telephone exchanges, transmission and radio systems, communication equipment in buildings and structures, data networks and relaying of weak-current buried services of all types and administrators.

Work is ensured on project documentation in all stages, including authorial supervisions, studies, economic analyses and budgets in these areas:

Long-distance and local cabling

Optical cables

  • buried
  • suspended (on traction cabling – railways, urban transport, on medium voltage lines, in urban development)
  • combined earth cable on high voltage lines

Metallic cables (symmetrical, coaxial)

Telephone exchanges

Digital, analogue telephone exchanges

  • network connection of exchanges
  • solution of private connecting networks

Additions and alterations to older types of exchanges
Special applications of communication systems (railways, power engineering etc.)

Portable systems

Digital systems (PDH, SDH, ATM)
Analogue systems (on symmetrical and coaxial cables)
Transfers of all standard types of signals and data

Radio systems

Special technological networks (railways, power engineering, urban transport, road transport...)
Digital radio line systems (railway system GSM-R)
Analogue radio line systems (railway line radio system)
Radio-relay communications

Communication equipment in buildings and structures

Structured cabling and other weak-current distribution systems
Internal optical systems
Clock systems
Attendance record and entry control systems
Public address systems
Fire and security systems, EFS, ESS
Camera systems

Data networks

Special digital control systems

Relaying weak-current buried cables of all types and administrators

Telecommunication network
Railway weak-current networks
Power engineering weak-current networks
Cable television networks

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Communication equipment contact
Professional head: Ing. Josef Naništa
Telephone: +420 972 624 078