The professional groups ensure the comprehensive processing of project documentation, in particular in the area of transport constructions.
We resolve the powering of railway stations, stops and other consumers of electrical energy. In railway stations we design the power source for safety equipment, electrical heating of points and preheating of trains. We also design medium voltage and low voltage power cabling, outdoor lighting and indoor electrical fitting.

Powering of railway stations and other consumers of electrical energy.

To power railway stations we design 22/0.4V mast, kiosk or masonry transformer stations, including 22kV substations in a vault or cabinet version. For low-voltage distributors we design power and compensation low-voltage distributors.
We also design transformer stations for industrial complexes and other structures.

Powering safety equipment of ČD

We design alternatives for powering of ČD safety equipment according to the technical equipment of the concrete locality. We use 6kV/50Hz distributors where we have participated in the processing of type documentation.
We also use the 6kV/75Hz power system, where we design an alternative to worn out, obsolete, high-consumption rotating 50/75Hz converters for static ones.
The powering of ČD safety equipment from traction current lines is also a suitable solution. In the case of AC traction current 25/0.4kV transformer stations are designed, and in the case of power from DC traction static 3kVDC/0.4kVAC converters are designed.

Medium voltage and low voltage cable distribution systems

For the powering of transformer stations we design 22kV connections both in the form of cable (with laying of cables in trench or on supports) and external lines. We also resolve the crossing of low voltage and medium voltage outdoor and cable wiring with buried services or with road and rail tracks.
For the laying of a greater number of cable lines we use plastic multi channels depending on space possibilities. Given this solution it is possible to perform repairs to cables or the laying of other cables without having to disturb finished top surfaces.

Lighting of train stations, stops, roads an paths and other areas

For the lighting of railway stations, stops and other spaces we design new lighting systems meeting the prescribed demands for light intensity of the relevant spaces.
We resolve the lighting of larger areas using floodlights from lighting towers, and in the case of lighting of narrower spaces we select lower individual lighting masts. In the case of railway stops we design tilting lighting masts which simplify the maintenance of light fittings for the operator.
On electrified tracks we also design the installation of lights on traction current line masts.
For the lighting of roads we use road lighting masts or we use masts carrying traction arrays of trolleybus or tram traction current lines for location of light fittings.

Electric points heating and preheating of trains

We resolve the powering of electric points heating according to local conditions either from a low voltage distribution circuit at the station or from the traction current line. In the case of alternating traction electric points heating is powered from a 25/0.4kV transformer station, and in the case of direct current traction electric points heating is powered from a static 3kVDC converter. The heating of points consists of a set of heating rods installed on the rails and power supply distributor situated close to the points.
As a matter of precedence we design the operation of electric points heating in the automatic mode, where the operation of electric points heating is managed by a regulator depending on the current state of the weather.

For the preheating of trains we design 3 kV distribution systems, including 3 kV cable distribution systems to power stands and control of this equipment.

Electrical fitting of buildings, industrial distribution systems

In rail and non-rail buildings we design low-voltage industrial distribution systems and construction wiring, including lightning conductors and earthing.

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