The professional group performs design and project work on traction current lines of various systems and tracks, but naturally it specialises mainly in the traction current lines of SŽDC, s.o. the direct current system 3 kV and alternating current system 25 kV, 50 Hz. We also design traction current lines for tram and trolleybus public urban transport, power and return line of all current systems, protection against dangerous contact on electrified tracks and power calculations for the dimensioning of fixed traction equipment. We also design traction current lines for higher speeds and the railways of other countries (Austria, Estonia etc.).

Project work in the field of traction current lines is ensured for all stages of project preparation of constructions (from studies to implementation projects).

The current line design is always based on the power calculation of substations and the traction current line and from the mechanical calculation of the traction current line.

In the context of our profession we ensure for you:

  • power calculations of traction current lines of all categories
  • calculations of short-circuit currents, static calculations and evaluations
  • draft of traction current lines of rail and urban tracks, including trolleybuses
  • atypical constructions and suspension of traction current line (for example, under bridges and in tunnels)
  • design of power and return current lines
  • design of connection for non-traction current takeoffs (electric points heating, electric preheating equipment)
  • design and coordination with non-traction equipment – optical cables, lighting etc.
  • design of rail earthing for metal constructions and protection from dangerous contact
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Professional head: Ing. Jiří Molák
Telephone: +420 972 625 105
Mobil: +420 602 723 791