The professional group ensures the project documentation of railway station and track safety equipment, level crossing equipment, remote control of all types of safety equipment and diagnostics, provisional safety equipment, safety equipment of siding and relaying of safety equipment cables of all types and administrators. We generate preparatory and project documentation for all kinds and types of safety equipment used on the territory of the Czech and Slovak republics on corridors and conventional tracks and siding yards or we design new equipment.

Station safety equipment

We carry out design work on reconstructions of existing station safety equipment of the types mechanical signal boxes, electromechanical signal boxes, electrodynamic signal boxes, and signal boxes of relay systems.

And we now also design modern electronic signal boxes of the latest safety systems for station yards, including light signals, electromotor points operators (including with frog points) and detectors for tongue positions, derailers, auxiliary signal boxes for local operation of points, track circuits meeting the conditions of technical specifications for interoperability, transmission of code of intermittent and line train-running control systems, axle counters, cabling and earth-moving work, internal cable distribution systems in buildings, internal fitting with safety equipment in signalling centres, cable rooms, rooms for sources and equipping of control centre workplaces with the necessary furniture.

Track safety equipment

We work on the design for reconstruction of existing track automatic block systems or automatic line signalling systems, and we now design relay and electronic track safety equipment, including outdoor and indoor elements of safety equipment, the necessary cabling and connections to existing and newly built station safety equipment. We design track circuits meeting the conditions of the technical specifications for interoperability and transmission of code of intermittent and linear train-running control systems and axle counters. We also resolve the safety of sidings and loading yards on width of the track with links to track and station safety equipment.

Level crossing safety equipment

We design the reconstruction of existing level crossing equipment and new level crossing systems with and without barriers with additional equipment for the blind. We locate indoor equipment in relay housings at the level crossing. For automatic control we design track circuits and axle counters with the necessary cabling. We also design remote diagnostics for equipment. We prepare the necessary documentation for discussions with the Rail Authority. We perform calculations of the field of vision conditions at level crossings and calculations of level crossing equipment.

Remote control of safety equipment

We design remote control of station, track and level crossing equipment and its remote supervision and diagnostics. We design the control of integrated track sections from control centres.


We design new cabling for the construction of new safety equipment systems and the necessary rerouting of cables during construction or repairs of bridges, culverts and other construction acts. We also design provisional cabling during construction work on railway, road and other constructions.

We perform calculations of the influences of electrical traction or power lines on cable wiring.

Provisional safety equipment

We also design provisional station and track safety equipment for the construction, modernisation or reconstruction of tracks and railway stations.

Safety of sidings

We make adjustments to all systems of existing safety equipment on sidings and design new equipment, which can also be linked to station and track safety equipment.

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Professional head: Ing. Miroslav Šerý
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